Season 1, Episode 3: Trespassing

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While ongoing trade relations remain at the focal point of Deep Space K-9's day-to-day operations, behind closed doors, Starfleet is has an even bigger situation brewing on its hands. Intelligence reports have begun to surface regarding the construction of an illegal Klingon shipyard- one which lies just two lightyears from Eifie space. Concerned at the possibility that the House of Khartan could be amassing an armada at their front doorstep, Starfleet has launched a probe to investigate. Unfortunately, the probe has now gone silent deep into Klingon territory, and with the risk of potentially sensitive information falling into Klingon hands, Starfleet Admiralty has dispatched the Lancaster-Class USS Tigerfish (NCC-1509), under the command of Commander Louise De La Valliere, to venture into Klingon territory and recover the probe- by any means necessary.

Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Sun May 21st, 2023 @ 5:56am

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Title Timeline Location
Morale Officers
by Lieutenant Alice Zuberg MD & Lieutenant JG Kas Th'shrytrir
USS Tigerfish Sickbay
And So, It Begins
by Bra'Khis, Son Of Khartan & Ed’Rah, Daughter of Khartan
Stardate 1533.6- Approximately The Same Time As "Charlie X" The House Khartan, Jandar
In The Dead Of Night
by Commander Irene Vincent "Rally" & Lieutenant Shiki Ichiose & Lieutenant Commander May Hopkins & Lieutenant Commander Damien Maillet & Lieutenant Kate Ross & Lieutenant Kris McEntyre & Lieutenant JG Daphne Crenshaw & Commander Louise De La Valliere & Lieutenant Tsumugi Ismay & Lieutenant Alice Zuberg MD & Lieutenant JG Kas Th'shrytrir
Stardate 1515.6 Deep Space Station K-9- Function Area, Deck 8
Making Do With The Cards You're Dealt
by Commander Irene Vincent "Rally" & Lieutenant Kate Ross
Sometime between "Balancing Act" and "In The Dead of Night" Deep Space Station K-9- Commander Vincent's Office, Deck 9

Mission Summary