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Commander Irene Vincent

Name Irene Vincent "Rally"

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 112 IBS
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Commander Vincent stands taller than most people her age and is in “fit-and-fighting form,” as she tends to put it. Due to being of partial East-Indian ancestry, she sports a deep tan and wavy, shoulder-length hair.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Deepak Vincent
Mother Emily Vincent (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None of note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Commander Vincent embodies many of the characteristics that Starfleet looks for in a Commanding Officer; confident, analytical, and with a strong moral sense of right-from-wrong. Although she has been known to occasionally bend the rules when she feels it would suit the Federation’s agenda, she always makes her decisions with minimal casualties in mind.

Commander Vincent has little—if at all any—interest in men, feeling much more comfortable when talking about firearms. As the daughter of an Olympic marksman, she’s had a fascination with any and all things related to vintage handguns, with a personal favorite of hers being the Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod CZ-75 First Edition. In spite of regulations limiting the types of firearms that a Starfleet Officer can carry, Commander Vincent tends to brandish her CZ-75 as a supplementary deterrent, should her phaser not be enough for a given situation. While this has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion, she nonetheless persists in having it on-hand.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Athletic.

+ Prioritizes in minimizing casualties when and where they can be avoided.

+/- Not above standing up for what she feels is right, even if it goes against Starfleet policy.

- Somewhat persistent on keeping a lethal firearm on her person at all times.

- Does not appear interested in men in the slightest; might potentially be homosexual, though she has not yet reckoned with this side of herself.
Ambitions Commander Vincent is a little unsure of where she stands in regards to her ambitions, as she was not expecting to receive a Command position this early. She’s inclined to do whatever she needs to in order to uphold the socio-political stability of Sector 813 and keep it from falling into Klingon hands, But she has yet to reckon what will become of her once Starfleet’s presence in the sector becomes redundant.
Hobbies & Interests -Vintage Firearms; From Cold War-era handguns to hunting rifles and even disruptors, if it hits targets from a distance, Commander Vincent is all in on adding it to her collection. While her lifelong passion, the implicated nature of her collection has made her come off as a bit of a psychopath to some of her contemporaries.

-Sharpshooting; As the daughter of an Olympic marksman, Commander Vincent has placed value in keeping her skills sharp, so when she has time to kill, she likes to hit up the firing range every now and then to hone in her shot.

Lou Malnati's Chicago Classic Pie; Commander Vincent knows that if there's one hill she's going to die on, it's her ascertation that Lou Malnati's Chicago Classic Pie is the best pizza, no contest: The deep dish pie made with a buttery crust, extra mozzarella cheese, specialty in-house sausage, and painstakingly-selected tomatoes is a symbol of Chicago pride for many, Commander Vincent included. In her eyes, you haven't truly experienced the best Chicago has to offer until you've sunk your teeth into a Classic Chicago Pie.

Personal History Irene Vincent was born on October 4, 2226, in the village of Oak Park, Illinois- a suburb of the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. Her father, Deepak, was an Indian immigrant and a former member of India’s Olympic Shooting Team, while her mother, Emily, was a violinist in the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra; because of her parents’ high-profile vocations, Irene enjoyed a comfortable and quiet upbringing in an upper-middle-class home. She was particularly close to her father, as Deepak would take her out to the local firing range every other month to shoot clay pigeons. The time they spent together would ignite Irene’s lifelong passion with antique firearms, much to her mother’s evident chagrin.

Unfortunately, the once-happy family dynamic was shattered when Irene came home from school one evening in 2237 to find a train of police cars parked outside the family home, and her father distraught on the front lawn. As she would eventually come to learn over the next few hours, an unidentified intruder had broken into the house and murdered her mother in cold blood. While her father was so distraught by the turn of events that he believed it was a willful act of vengeance against him and his family (he had gotten into some bad deals prior to moving to America), the police were not above ruling out other motives, such as a potentially botched robbery. Unfortunately, as the years began to pass and the case eventually grew cold, a rift soon came to develop between Irene and her father. While it fortunately never came to blows, her father was evidently far more withdrawn from Irene than he had been when her mother was still alive, often spending days sealed away in his room, tirelessly reading and re-reading the police reports in the vague hope there was something he had missed.

While Irene ultimately did not come to be as obsessed at finding her mother's killer as her father did, the murder left a profound impact, and she felt a sense of obligation to protect others out of her perceived failure to protect the people that had mattered to her. To this end, she quietly applied for Starfleet Academy in 2244, having been referred to career path by one of her high school counselors. She was accepted, but refrained from telling her father about this development until just a week before she was scheduled to enroll. When she finally did get around to telling her father, he had at this point become so detached from reality that he did not have the energy in him to voice excitement or disapproval; he simply nodded and wished her the best.
Service Record o 2244-2248: Starfleet Academy (Cadet- Security)
o 2248-2250: USS Crockett (Ensign- Security Officer)
o 2250-2252: USS Crockett (Lieutenant, Junior Grade- Security Officer)
o 2252-2253: USS Orpheus (Lieutenant- Security Officer)
o 2253-2256: USS Orpheus (Lieutenant- Assistant Chief Of Security
o 2256-2259: USS Orpheus (Lieutenant Commander- Chief Of Security)
o 2258-2259: USS Orpheus (Lieutenant Commander- Second Officer)