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Lieutenant Freya Michaud

Name Freya Louise Michaud

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Earth)
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and athletic, Michaud carries herself with the poise and confidence of someone who is used to physical activity and authority of those around her. With long brown hair, soft brown eyes and an expression given to smiling she has a comforting aura. Unbeknownst to most is a tattoo of the Green Man, a nod to her Celtic ancestry.


Spouse Andreas Jay (divorced)
Children None
Father Albert Michaud
Mother Christine Michaud
Brother(s) James, Cameron
Sister(s) Mary
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Analytical and no-nonsense, Freya is the consummate professional on duty, diligently doing the grunt work her experiments require with little fuss or comment. She delights in data analysis and proving her conclusions, particularly in physics and communications.

Off-duty she has learned to temper her wilder emotions with plenty of strength training and rock climbing, seeking to quiet a rebellious tendency within herself that flairs from time to time. When not indulging in physical activities, Freya is sociable and clubbable, enjoying social interactions.
Strengths & Weaknesses + - Analytical – enjoys working through the logic of a puzzle and solving it
+ - Dedicated – Is diligent in her work, and will focus on it. This also crosses over into her personal life ethic where she always gives a hundred percent.
-/+ - Consummate Professional – is straight down the line when on-duty with varying effectiveness
- - Passionate - Freya does have a temper, and very occasionally it flares.
- - Lacking in control - Can be impulsive, particularly when under stress.
Ambitions Although the product of her hard work, Freya considers herself lucky to be at the position she is. Currently her ambitions are fulfilled with work and duties that fulfil her, though recently she has been feeling the pull of command and hopes her new posting will come with additional responsibilities.

She would also enjoy mastering the harmonica.
Hobbies & Interests Clearly interested in her field, Freya loves nothing more than settling down with academic papers related to her interests and duties.

When in a more active mood, she enjoys strength training and rock climbing to quiet her mind. She enjoys socialising and mixing with her colleagues.

One of her other main passions is music, with interests ranging from Blues, Opera and Jazz to Vulcan compositions and Rigelian Nu-slam Metal for those workouts that need an extra oomph.

Personal History Looking back, it seemed to Freya Michaud that she was always fated to join Starfleet.

Born in 2223 in what had been Canada in Earth’s past, Freya Louise Michaud was named for a famed forebear, Freya Michaud, Starfleet Engineer and Captain of the Daedalus-class USS Arnolfsson in the early years of the Federation. Lost with all hands, the legend of the Arnolfsson and her captain was an obsession of her father’s, Michaud’s brother’s descendant.

Their home growing up was full of memorabilia of Michaud’s service, the Daedalus class, and the history of the Corps of Engineering. A spectral presence in her childhood, Michaud was provided with a rolemodel and an impossible act to follow. In her adulthood she would recall her father, Albert, and her mother, Christine, argue about the appropriateness of naming her after such an illustrious forebear.

Though born at the beginning of the Federation-Klingon Cold War, life for Freya growing up in Hope, British Columbia, was idyllic. Her parents owned vineyards and farmland across the Fraser Valley, and she wanted for nothing. Her father was a hard-driving man, however, and Freya and her older brothers and younger siblings were worked hard.

It was expected of her to achieve at school, and to make the most of her natural talents, and that was what she did. The girl grew up to be a well-rounded student, enjoying science and track-and-field, particularly sprinting.

She suspected she was trying to outrun herself.

When she was allowed respite from her tasks on the farm and vineyard, the teenager enjoyed hiking and mountain climbing in the near cascades, and trips to Vancouver in the opposite direction.

With the pressure and untold, but understood, expectation of an application to Starfleet at the end of her schooling, the teenager began acting out, losing her temper and disappearing for days on end to avoid the pressures of her upbringing.
After one argument too many with her parents, Freya upped sticks and moved to Vancouver after her high school graduation, falling in with a hard-partying crew.

Falling in love with a brooding ne’er-do-well by the name of Andreas Jay in 2242, Freya did the unthinkable for her, and hitched her wagon to his. Both moved from Vancouver inland to Calgary, Alberta. It was a passionate affair, with both having fiery tempers and strong wills. Her marriage to Jay was short-lived, however, as she slowly realised she was waiting hand-and-foot on an indolent, unreliable manchild.

A pregnancy scare in 2243 focused Freya’s mind on how little she wanted to spend the rest of her life with the man, and with the help of her friend-cum-lover Michelle, she left the abusive, toxic marriage, and served Andreas his divorce papers.

Following her divorce, the young woman drifted around Canada, eventually ending up in Toronto, working dead-end jobs that didn’t last long. In 2245 she wandered into a local museum where she encountered an exhibition relating her ancestor’s storied life. Later that day, the USS Enterprise was launched to great fanfare.

Shamed by her inability to live up to her namesake, and inspired by the wall-to-wall coverage of what would become one of Starfleet’s most legendary explorers, Freya downloaded the papers to file an application to Starfleet, expecting nothing much to come from it.

Six months after her application was transmitted and her aptitude tests taken, she was informed that she was required to make her way to San Francisco at the beginning of the academic year to begin her career. Elated, she diligently saved away a sum of money sufficient to get her to the Academy.

The newly-minted cadet quickly fell in to the Sciences track, enjoying getting stuck in to the subject she had so enjoyed before her life had taken a detour. Freya found she had much to catch up on in the four years she had left school, and found herself attending cram sessions with other cadets from across the Federation on a regular basis.

Following her medical assessments on arriving, Starfleet Medical recommended a vigorous course of physical training to rein in her wild emotions and keep her on the straight and narrow. The former sprinter took to her strength training with gusto, enjoying the discipline it required and the results it engendered.

Starfleet gave her a focus and a family that she had craved for most of her life to this point, and Freya was determined to make the most of it.

Graduating in the top thirty percent of her year in 2247, Ensign Freya Michaud was assigned to the USS Perth, a Capella-class frigate for her cruise. Exulting in her sense of achievement, Freya settled down quickly to her work.

During her cadet cruise she found that she was greatly interested in the field of subspace communications and subspace physics, conducting experiments and tests long past her duty hours required her. The Perth toured the Alpha Quadrant for her cruise, allowing her to come in to contact with many new peoples that fired her imagination.

In her downtime she found the Perth had a well-equipped gymnasium for a ship her size, and an adequate recreation room for socialising with her fellow lower-deckers.

One unfortunate incident that occurred shortly after her tour of duty aboard the Perth was extended involved an altercation with a superior officer in the Security department. Contraband alcohol was consumed, and Freya firmly stepped in to remind the Alpha Centauri Lieutenant that his attention towards her friend was not reciprocated. She drily observed that his broken wrist should serve reminder enough.

Earning a reputation as a solid worker with a no-nonsense attitude to her work won her plaudits, and she was soon recommended with a promotion and transfer from the Perth, her home for five years, to Starbase 312.

Freya found she enjoyed the stability of Starbase life, even if 312 was a Regula-class facility. As a science facility deep in the heart of the Federation, many of the crew had been assigned to the station long-term, and she was able to form fast friendships that would last through her Starfleet career.

312 allowed her to develop her own particular specialism in subspace communications, while also allowing her the time to broaden her general scientific knowledge working alongside other scientists. Frey knew her working life within Starfleet was to take her away from 312 in the future, so she treasured every moment she had there.

At the conclusion of her project work on Starbase 312, Freya was reassigned after a period of shoreleave to the USS Philadelphia, a newly-minted Constitution-class explorer. As the ship’s Assistant Chief Science Officer, Freya was able to lead her own away teams, and would often make planetfall ahead of the crew in the course of her work. The downside to the ability to develop her leadership skills was the paperwork that came with Away Missions.

The Philadelphia’s main task was to patrol the southern border with the Klingon Empire, exploring a vast expanse of space as she went. Freya was proud to note that she was involved in no less than seven successful first contacts during her time with the Philadelphia, all of them successful.

Following the end of her first tour with the Philadelphia, she was granted shoreleave and returned to Earth for the first time in many years. Using a portion of her salary that had been stashed away for her by Starfleet, Freya bought a property in Vancouver, by far her favourite place on the planet. She would return to visit as frequently as she could in the future.

The Philadelphia was once more despatched to the border with the Klingon Empire, charting out several sectors’ worth of data that Starfleet would follow up on in the coming decades. For the most part, Freya’s second tour as Assistant Chief was uneventful, although she was still prone to blow up in someone’s face if provoked hard enough. Thankfully, she would more than make up for it in her work ethic.

In 2260, her second five-year mission came to an end, and she was recalled to Earth as a lecturer at the Academy to share her expertise in subspace communications and general science with the next generation of Starfleet officers.

During her time in San Francisco, Freya got back in touch with her friend from years before, Michelle, now married and residing in Southern California. Although married, they soon picked up where they had before, with a short, passionate affair before Michelle put a stop to it.

For most of the rest of her time at the Academy, Freya would find herself retreating to her Vancouver apartment with its views across the sea, luxuriating in the solitude while she puzzled through her self-destructive impulses in her personal life.

At the end of her time as a guest lecturer at the Academy, Freya was delighted to be assigned as the Chief Science Officer for the USS Queensland, tasked with following up on the Philadelphia’s earlier five year mission. Her delight was not dampened on learning that several of the Philadelphia’s Science Department had also received similar commissions for the next five year cycle.

The Capella-class vessel was a comfortable cruise for the Canadian. Reveling in Second Contact missions to worlds she had observed and earmarked from afar, Freya delighted in leading away missions across the sector. Her increasing interactions with Commanding Officers and Flag Officers also kindled an interest in the finer aspects of command, something she hoped to exploit in the future.

Towards the end of her five year mission, Freya put in a transfer, feeling she had put in as much as she could to her present assignment. After a long shoreleave taking in Risa, Vulcan and Vancouver, she was transferred to Deep Space K-9.
Service Record 2245-47 – Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
2247-48 – Ensign, Science Officer, USS Perth, Capella-class starship
2248-51 – Ensign, Science Officer, USS Perth, Capella-class starship
2251-53 – Lieutenant (Junior-Grade), Science Officer, Starbase 312, Regula-class facility
2253-56 – Lieutenant, Science Officer, USS Philadelphia, Constitution-class starship
2256-60 – Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Philadelphia, Constitution-class starship
2260-61 – Lieutenant, Lecturer, Starfleet Academy
2261-2265 – Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer, USS Queensland, Capella-class vessel
2265-Present – Chief Science Officer, Deep Space K-9